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Accelerating Time to Value for the Industrial Internet with Bit Stew and GE Digital

November 15 2016 By Harel Kodesh

Harel.jpgWe have exciting news to share and I can’t think of a better place to do it than the opening day of Minds + Machines in San Francisco. Today, we announced that GE Digital (GED) is acquiring Bit Stew Systems to bring its leading data intelligence capabilities to Predix and our industrial applications.

Bit Stew will help make Predix, GE Digital’s operating system connecting devices on the Industrial Internet, faster and more effective in creating powerful business outcomes for our customers. GED and Bit Stew have already been working together with several large customers to rapidly integrate complex sources of unstructured and structured data.


Moving Customer Outcomes from Calendar to Wrist-Watch Time
At GE, we have seen first-hand, how data integration has challenged IT and OT teams for decades and the advent of IIoT adoption is simply compounding the problem. That’s why we were intrigued with Bit Stew’s ability to model, map, ingest, analyze and visualize data sets in less than 4 hours compared to 6 man months – a time-to-value difference that is key to unlocking powerful business outcomes for our customers.

So how do they do it? Bit Stew applies its machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to automate the process of data modeling, mapping and ingestion, accelerating time to value for customers. Bit Stew’s traction to date is impressive, evidenced by a growing list of customers including such BC Hydro, Pacific Gas & Electric and Scottish & Southern Energy.

Gaining Better Insight into Data Coming from the Edge
Now, the integration of our technologies will provide Predix with an even greater capability to integrate data while it is in motion from the edge to the cloud. This combined capability will help us further accelerate our industrial offerings, and provide our customers with contextual understanding of their assets and operations. The result? Our Predix platform will more efficiently organize large amounts of data at the source, enabling more rapid realization of Industrial Internet value.

Driving Industrial Digital Transformation
Bit Stew’s IIoT ecosystem, unparalleled technology, and top-tier talent and leadership were key reasons why we acquired this company on the rise. Together, our combined knowledge, experience, and customer relationships will help us greatly expand our market lead in the digital industrial space.

The acquisition of Bit Stew, is an important part of GE’s transformational journey of becoming the leader in industrial digital transformation.

Read Bit Stew's Press Release.

Harel Kodesh, CTO of GE Digital


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